Wendy Williams Talks About Financial Woes

March 25, 2022
Wendy Williams Talks About Financial Woes

If you think what’s going on with Wendy Williams does not affect you, you have one or two more thinks coming. So, a quick recap (in my own words) to bring you up to speed: Wendy Williams took ill several months back and many bloggers and “journalists” reported that she had dementia. One blogger even stated that she had dementia but it’s not every day because it comes and goes, whatever that means. As side note, if you have a progressive type of dementia, it doesn’t come and go; you either have it or you don’t. There are, however, good days and bad days. On the good days, the person is cognitively sharp, on the bad days, the person may be confused; disoriented; agitated; and experiencing difficulties thinking through things and making proper judgement. But this does not negate the fact that the person still has dementia. Back to Wendy Williams…

Something transpired with Wendy and Wells Fargo whereas Wells Fargo froze her money that she has in the bank and won’t allow her access to her money. This is extremely heartbreaking because I do not think people realize that the bank has a responsibility to ensure that suspected financial abuse is reported and the person’s financial assets are protected (i.e. frozen) until matters are sorted out.

Recently, in an Instagram video, Wendy reported that “the bank” and a named gentleman (not a family member) petitioned the court for Guardianship, and she stated that old medical records were used from her former physician (that she fired) that supported their petition for Guardianship. This whole thing is a complete mess. Here’s where I am with all of this…

Get your affairs in order now! The two documents I highly recommend you getting in place now are the Healthcare Power of Attorney and a Durable Power of Attorney; both are POAs. The Health Care Power of Attorney covers all things health related. This form can be printed off the Internet and does not have to have lawyers involved. Simply Google your state and “Healthcare Power of Attorney”. Please note that this form does not cover financial matters.

The other document you want to get in place is the Durable Power of Attorney. This document covers financial matters and most often covers health care concerns, but not always and not to the extent of the Healthcare Power of Attorney. Also, the Durable Power of Attorney is drafted by an attorney as opposed to being printed off the Internet; therefore, you’ll need to invest in an attorney.

As previously stated, get your affairs in order before you them; it’s better to have them and don’t need them than to need them and don’t have them. You know how that goes.

Hope this helps!