Don’t Be Afraid of Aging, Embrace It!

October 25, 2022
Don’t Be Afraid of Aging, Embrace It!

With Halloween around the corner, I want to ask you: Are you spooked by aging? Does the thought of getting older scare you? Do you wish you could mask the tell-tale signs of getting up in years? Does getting older feel more like a trick than a treat?

Well, I am here to tell you that you need not be afraid of aging. There are a number of benefits to getting older that we all should embrace.

      We have more experience and thus, more wisdom. When I started out in my career, I was acutely aware of how much I didn’t know. And terrified that someone would find out or that I would make a mistake. Now with several decades of experience under my belt, I have more confidence and less self doubt. I view mistakes as learning opportunities. My grandmother used to say, ‘ “There’s a blessing in every lesson.” As I have gotten older, I am now in a position to share my wisdom with others, which is a wonderful feeling.
      We have earned the right to be authentic. We aren’t pleasing a parent or a boss. We don’t need to placate. We can be who we are with no filters. It can be very liberating!
      We own our own time. Retirement allows us to enjoy the fruits of our labor by not being on anyone else’s clock. We are free to use our time to enjoy ourselves, pursue our passions and spend time with family and friends.
      Fewer things stress us out. That’s the benefit of years of perspective. We don’t sweat the small stuff. We’ve successfully managed many challenges over the years, giving us the confidence to know that we can gracefully manage yet another.
      We get great discounts! From restaurants to retail locations, pharmacies and fast food, even airline tickets, car rentals and hotels, senior discounts are a sign of respect for older generations. Be sure to take advantage! You earned it.

As I have said previously, being intentional about aging requires a certain mindset. Embracing the benefits of aging is part of that and seeing aging as a treat.